Since the 1990's most vehicles are built containing an ECU (Engine Control Unit), sometimes known as the onboard computer. This unit contains information about the vehicle it is installed in, including the engine mapping.

Most cars bought from new have standard engine mapping to suit a wide range of motoring requirements and they are usually mapped well within the tolerance levels of the mechanical parts of the car.

At RECAR Vehicle Tuning we are a mobile service and the price we quote includes us coming to you at your home or workplace.
Our technician will ask you what gains you require - power increase, fuel economy improvement or a mix of power and fuel economy.
The technician will then connect to your vehicle ECU.
It will take up to one hour to remap your vehicle.
Once the remap is complete, the car is ready for a test drive either by yourself or our technician if you prefer.


  • Stage 1 Remap

  • Stage 2 & 3 Tuning

  • DPF Delete

  • DPF Regeneration Service

  • EGR Delete

  • Speed limiter: Enabling/Removal

  • RPM limiter

  • OBD DTC fault code reading/removal

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